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Las Vegas Car Accidents and Whiplash

Whiplash is a serious injury.  If you’ve experienced whiplash from any type of vehicular accident, you should speak with a Las Vegas car accident lawyer.  The medical expenses for future years down the line are more costly than you could ever imagine.  Whiplash is much more serious than people tend to believe, in fact, many victims never fully recover from it.  As a result, victims must resort to extensive physical therapy, injections and surgeries.

Whiplash is when the head moves suddenly in one direction and recoils in another, causing the neck to be forced beyond its normal range.  Victims begin to experience symptoms following the accident, such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, pain in the shoulder and between the shoulder blades and pain in one or both arms.  Additional signs are sleep disturbance, poor concentration or memory or a sudden onset of ill-temperament or depression.  The underlying cause for prolonged whiplash most of the time is trauma to facet joints and disks.  Facet joints are found at each level of the spine, with the exception of the top, and allow for 20 percent stability when twisting the torso for the neck and lower back.  If they are damaged in any way, rotation becomes painful and the victim is less mobile.

Whiplash can happen in a number of scenarios, most commonly being hit from behind in a Las Vegas car accident.  This injury can also occur from plane, train, bus and truck accidents as well.  Whiplash can result in the serious complication of having chronic pain in the joints, disks and ligaments of the neck.  This pain can limit mobility and activities and be a lifelong struggle for a victim.  S/he may need medication and regular physical therapy to help overcome this ailment.  And over time, the medical bills tend to pile up and overwhelm the victim and the victim’s family.

If you are a victim of whiplash, it is best to consult a Las Vegas car accident lawyer. 

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