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Victim Dies from Injuries in University Medical Center’s Trauma Unit after Beating on the Las Vegas Strip

Las_Vegas_Strip_1_1-300x144A man was approached and beaten on September 3, 2010 on the Las Vegas Strip. According to detectives, the victim was attacked by a man described as black, between the ages of 18-22, 5-feet-11 inches tall, and average weight. According to witnesses of the brutal attack, the suspect fled the scene with four other people. When the Metro Police arrived on scene, they found the man on the sidewalk, bleeding and unconscious with apparent trauma to his head. He was immediately rushed to University Medical Center’s trauma unit. The man died on Friday, September 10, 2010 after a week of intensive care. The identity of the victim and official cause of death will be release soon by the Clark County Coroner’s Office.

Once the suspect is caught, what will happen? No doubt the county prosecutors shall seek justice and try the man to the fullest extent the law allows. After all, this is a brutal attack that deserves punishment. But what about the family and the victims loved ones? Do they have recourse?

Nevada, like most states, has a Wrongful Death statute that allows the heirs or representatives of a deceased to bring suit against the person who caused the wrongful death. See Nevada Revised Statutes ยง 41.085. Specifically, the law allows an heir to recover damages, awarded by a jury, for grief or sorrow, loss of probably support, companionship, and also damages for pain and suffering. The heir or representative may also be able to recover medical expenses and funeral costs.

It is important to comment that the Nevada statute of limitations only allows a two-year period to file this type of suit following the death of a person. Therefore, it is important that if you are in this kind of situation to speak with an attorney sooner than later.

Man Dies from Injuries After Beating on Las Vegas Strip

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