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October 20, 2010 Hearing – Grandmother Visitation Denied

Hearing: Grandma’s Motion to For Visitation Denied Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Our client, who previously was married to the father of her child, was served by the child’s grandmother with a Motion to Grant Visitation to the Grandmother. Our client wanted to oppose any visitation at all for the grandmother for a number of reasons: (1) the grandmother was allegedly not fit on the basis of alleged mental and emotional issues; (2) the grandmother would frequently make negative comments about our client to the child; (3) the grandmother’s home was not a proper place for a young child; (4) the child had special medical issues that the grandmother was unable to accommodate.

The standard for a grandparent to get visitation rights is a high one. The grandmother must show clear and convincing evidence that visitation should be allowed over the objection of the custodial parent.

The judge in this child custody and visitation case denied the grandmother’s motion. Our client is permitted to make decisions for her child and one of those decisions was to disallow any visitation whatsoever for the reasons stated above.