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October 20, 2010 Hearing – Nightclub Excessive Force – Discovery Extension

Judge: Discovery Commissioner, Bonnie Bulla Las Vegas, Nevada
We were recently in court before the Honorable Discovery Commissioner Bonnie Bulla. We had filed a Motion to Extend Discovery Deadlines in a case we recently were retained on by a gentleman that had been allegedly viciously attacked by security employees of a Las Vegas nightclub. Essentially, our client was being removed from the premises and was attacked with glass on his head, which caused significant scarring.

The gentleman had previously retained an attorney who had put a significant amount of work into the case. However, after the discovery process ended, the attorney and the client separated ways and the client retained our firm to come in and take the case to trial. Although we have a great deal of respect for the lawyer that preceded us, we felt that we wanted to conduct more discovery into the allegations in the case. Specifically, we wanted to inspect the nightclub and take a number of additional depositions of witnesses.

The nightclub opposed the extension of deadlines. The attorney argued to the Judge that we should not be permitted to come in and re-litigate the whole case.

Judge Bulla found that Nevada has a strong public policy to hear cases on the merits. She allowed our law firm to conduct an additional ninety (90) days of discovery. Our client was not allowed to name a security expert to rebut the expert that the nightclub retained. However, at trial, I do not believe an expert will be needed to explain that attacking a customer with glass is excessive. Our client was happy to be allowed the opportunity to finish discovery.

The Judge also assigned a date for us to be ready for trial. The trial date had been previously vacated. A new trial date will have to be set in the near future.