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Car Accident Kills Henderson, Nevada Woman

A Henderson, Nevada woman was tragically killed when the car she was a passenger in crashed into an embankment. The driver of the vehicle was allegedly intoxicated. The victim who passed away, Shanna LePelusa, was only twenty-eight years old.

The attorneys and staff at Lagomarsino Law all live in Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada. We mourn the loss of any member of the community, especially one this young.

Any car accident where alcohol is involved raises many questions. Did intoxication cause the accident? Were there other factors like the design of the road, lighting, or third party drivers? How does a family get justice after a car accident where someone dies. No amount of money can replace the loss of a human life.

Our office is experienced in helping families of car accident victims through this terrible and confusing process. While we handle car accidents of all kinds, death cases require additional attention.

Most likely, a probate case will have to be opened. Our probate staff is experienced in navigating the legal maze that arises after such an unbelievable tragedy,

We also have extensive contacts in the Las Vegas community for non-legal referrals. Many times, it is advisable for family and friends of the deceased to receive counselling or other mental help. Regardless of whether we are retained as legal counsel, we will certainly refer to qualified mental health professionals.

As always, we recommend that our clients never drink and drive or get in the car with someone who is impaired.