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Inspections of Premises Can Be Useful In Nightclub Cases

An attorney from our Las Vegas office, accompanied by a legal videographer, very recently undertook an inspection of a nightclub where our client was attacked. It was important to go to the actual location of the incident to get a better feel for the case, and for what our client when through. The inspection took almost two hours because the premises was very large. Located in the central part of Las Vegas, the nightclub had been the scene of other alleged criminal activity as well. The attorney could tell just by looking around that the area was a rough one, housed in the middle of an industrial section of the city.

The case is expected to go to trial next year. Presenting high definition video and digital pictures will only augment the black and white surveillance we have already received in the case. Juries are accustomed to receiving information in a video format. The video footage from the inspection will be a great way to educate the jury and hopefully achieve a strong measure of justice for our client.