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Health Insurer Charged with Gender Discrimination

A lawsuit was filed against a major U.S. health insurer named Cigna, early in March of this year, for $100 million dollars by a veteran manager claiming company policy blocked her from promotions and higher paying jobs based on her gender. Brenda Karp worked for Cigna for 14 years and last year was denied a promotion because she “came across to aggressive” in an interview. After she complained to the company, they responded by taking away some of her territories.

The company is charged with violating the U.S. Civil Rights Act and the Massachusetts state law banning gender discrimination. The lawsuit takes issue with a forced system that “limits managers to categorizing a certain percentage of employees” and ranks them using a bell curve. The lawsuit contends this “bars female employees from better and higher-paying positions which have traditionally been held by male employees.”

The full article is featured on Lawsuit Charged Cigna With Gender Discrimination.

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