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The Law is Working To Keep Your Child Safe

Regulations are designed to protect children from defective products and hazardous toys. The regulations are enforced administratively and in the justice system. Laws like The Child Safety Protection Act and The Federal Hazardous Substance Act require choking hazard labels and ban substances that contain hazardous materials, but regulators don’t always have enough resources to police these enormous consumer markets. Dangerous toys make it to store shelves and, sometimes, it may be too late before the product can be recalled. That is when the justice system has to step in and hold manufacturers liable.

Design problems and unsafe toys can lead to fatal injuries including drowning, suffocation, motor vehicle incidents and strangulation. Each year approximately 217,000 toy-related injuries are treated in hospital emergency rooms. Manufacturers should be held accountable for defective products, negligence, failure to warn and even misconduct.

To read more about this subject, click here: Unforeseen Hazards Contribute to Toy-Related Injuries. Websites like the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ( and can also be a great resource.