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$250,000 Given to Assaulted Casino Customer

A customer was detained, battered and assaulted at a casino on the strip after vocalizing displeasure with the machine he was playing. The costumer, who was also an employee at the casino, complained that the machine was not paying out.

The customer then called over a technician who informed him that the machine was working correctly. Dissatisfied with this response and insisting that the machine was broken he asked to speak with a supervisor.

Several security guards arrived to assess the situation and began conversing with the customer. He retold the security guards of that machine’s problems and they instructed him to contact the Gaming Control Board. Afterwards the customer got on the phone and when he walked back to the machine he was confronted by head of security. Next the customer was restrained with his arms behind his back, forced to the ground and detained.

Upon inspection of the machine regulators confirmed that the machine was in fact broken. The casino was charged with assault, battery, false imprisonment and a jury granted the customer a $250,000 award.

A full article can be found here: Gambler wins $250,000 lawsuit against Imperial Palace

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