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BP Oil Spill – Attorney Not Neutral

Just over a year since the BP Oil Spill, an estimated 500,000 lawsuits have been filed due to one of the worst man-made environmental disasters in history. Attorney Kenneth Finberg has been assigned by BP to administer the compensation fund of the Gulf Oil Spill.

Recently, the federal judge overseeing this intense litigation made a ruling on the case regarding Feinberg. He is now required to disclose that he is, in fact, not a neutral and independent of BP while overseeing the $20 billion fund set up to compensate victims of the Gulf Oil Spill and can not tell claimants they do not need a lawyer.

Disclosure is an important part in any litigation and attorneys who mislead clients can be held liable. In this case, non-disclosure was apparent when Feinberg instructed claimants to sign a full release against all potential defendants before obtaining their payment in full. Feinberg was being paid a salary by BP in this matter and should have fully disclosed that fact to all claimants.

The full story can be found on the American Association for Justice’s website: Feinberg, oil spill fund are not neutral, MDL judge says.

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