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Jackpot Joanie’s and Dotty’s Have Filed Suit Against Clark County

On April 19th an ordinance issued by Clark County restricted the definition of “tavern” in regards to gaming. The new ordinance targeted Dotty’s and gaming taverns which uses a business model of having fifteen individually standing slot machines and providing an atmosphere similar to that of your grandmother’s kitchen. The inside has trinkets, knick-knacks, adequate lighting and offers customers spirits and food.

Jackpot Joanie’s, with a similar business model, has suffered as a result of the ordinance as well. The ordinance calls for forcing eight of the fifteen slot machines found in the taverns to be put into a bar. For these small businesses it would require extensive and costly remodeling as well as a restructuring of their business model. Joanie’s argues that the true purpose of this ordinance is attack its profits and destroy its successful business model.

In the lawsuit brought by Joanie’s they go on to make several claims of the wrong doings of Clack County officials. They point out that the restriction of placing machines into a bar has no reasonableness other then to disrupt business operations. Further, they go on to say that such controls on competition are beyond the state’s governed right to limit such industries.

Both Dotty’s and Jackpot Joanie’s have sought injunctive relief to prevent the ordinance from taking effect.

A full article can be found here: Second chain follows Dotty’s in suing county over ordinance

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