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Las Vegas Car Accident Survivor

28 year old Andrew Linn was brought into the University Medical Center in Las Vegas after a car accident resulted in gruesome injuries including a pipe through his head. According to reports, Linn drove his car off the pavement near Bonanza Road and Christy Lane in Las Vegas and hit a chain link fence at a home. A pole from the fence then broke through his windshield and went directly through Linn right below the right side of his nose and ripped out his teeth before going out the back window.

Rescue workers had to cut the pole to get Linn out of the car and into the ambulance. Much of the pole remained in Linn, and he was forced to remain sitting up during the ride to the hospital and through his initial surgery. Linn then arrived at the University Medical Center where x-rays noted that luckily the pole did not cause spine injuries.

Doctors had to be careful when pulling the pole out of Linn not to puncture either of the major arteries in fear that he might bleed to death. Luckily the pole did not puncture any arteries during the accident and doctors were skillfully able to remove it. Surprisingly Linn remained in the hospital only two weeks after his horrific motor vehicle accident and today he has some jaw and shoulder pain but doctors have told him that it was a miracle that he survived.

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