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$1.6 Million Given to Man Maimed in Incident at a Grain Bin

A 23-year old man was significantly injured while working in a grain bin in Kansas. The man who was cleaning out the bin had his foot caught in a conveyor and was pulled into the machine. His injuries were to the point that his leg could not be saved and he lost it.

The plaintiff’s lawsuit cites employer negligence and defective product as causes to the accident. The suit argues that the machine’s design placed the conveyor drag chain in a hazardous location and the maker was liable. They also go on to state that the employer did not offer adequate training in safety.

The manufacturer of the machine said that the employer did not turn off the machine while workers were working and the employer was liable. However it was determined by a jury that the plaintiff was 10% at fault, the employer 44% and the manufacturer was 46%. The total amount given to the plaintiff was $1.6 million for medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost earnings and lost wages.

A full article can be found here: Wilson County Jury Awards $1.6 Million Verdict in Personal Injury/Defective Product Case

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