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Age Discrimination Costs Over Fifty Women Their Jobs

In Atlantic City lawsuits were filed against the Resorts casino with plaintiffs claiming they were fired because they were not young enough. Over fifty women are involved with several lawsuits against Resorts casino over their employment practices. The suits claim after the casino underwent an image change and they were fired because they did not meet “uniform requirements.” Some waitresses had worked at Resorts for over twenty years without prior warning. A plaintiff states that Resorts went so far as to have her train the girls replacing her for 90 days and then on the 90th day fired her for uniform inadequacy.

The lawsuit states that the women were required to try on the new uniforms, which were styled in the theme of roaring 20’s flapper girls, but the sizes they were given to wear were to small. The plaintiffs say the evaluations were stacked against them intentionally as a way for Resorts to justify firing them and hide any wrongdoing.

Plaintiffs have urged a boycott of Resorts casino, however Resorts has argued that it has done nothing wrong and has followed all state and federal laws regarding its practices. Further, Resorts said it offered the waitresses priority hiring in other positions that were open with the casino and that some waitresses chose to do that.

A full article can be found here: Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred represents Resorts cocktail servers who lost jobs in flap over skimpy costumes

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