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City Drains Citizens of Justice

Written By a Law Clerk for Lagomarsino Law: Robert Maxey
Our living quarters are some of the most cherished and remembered places in our lives. They provide us with a place to dine, sleep and relax. Our housing is where we live our lives it is where we settle down. They offer a shelter from the hardships of life and provide stability. It is something that stays the same day in and day out regardless of the numerous changes taking place elsewhere in our lives. It is not unheard of for people to spend their entire lives in the same house. Our residences hold some of our fondest memories and our closest family moments. A home is not just a building it is something sacred it is a home.

With rising foreclosures and high unemployment housing has become even more meaningful. The fight to keep our homes is strong but the desire to have a safe place to live is even stronger. No one would be willing to let a robber into their home and walk out their valuables. However in the city of Sioux Falls in 2004 flooding due to backed up sewage lead to extensive damage in hundreds of homes. This was not the first case of such damage and homeowners recalled it had happened several times in the past.

The damage inflicted was the equivalent to letting a thief come in and steal thousands of dollars out of your home and walk out the front door without attempting to stop them. A class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of over 150 residents for the problems with the sewage system. In this situation the city of Sioux Falls is not entirely the bad guy it is the insurance provider for the city. A claim was filed with the provider on behalf of the city but the claim was denied, instead of standing up for its citizens Sioux Falls did not pursue it further.

It was the result of the city’s impotence that civilians took matters into their own hands and sought legal action against the company. After having the lawsuit dragged out over a period of seven years homeowners were relieved to finally reach a settlement with the provider. A $1,950,000 fund was settled upon to help pay for damages inflicted in the 2004 storms. In order the fix the drainage system the city is looking at spending around $50,000,000.

A city like all forms of government has a duty to those they represent. Not only must a city provide adequate public facilities they must provide adequate protection and fight for its citizen’s rights. If a government ceases to appropriately serve those it was established to serve then a government ceases its reason to exist.

A full article can be found here: $1.95M settles lawsuit over 2004 sewer backups

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