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Our Schools Must Be a Place of Safety First

Despite the cliché of the saying it remains true that children are in fact our future. Most people from across the globe and around the world spend a significant part of their lives raising children. Some of the most meaningful years of our lives involve raising children. The opportunity to pass on our wisdom experience and provide for another generation to experience life is priceless.

The task is so important to us hundreds of books have been written about it. Parents invest hours into researching the right school to send their children and who their child’s teachers will be. In our modern day there are parent teacher associations and other programs that allow parents to be more involved at school. Some parents even value their child’s education enough to send them to private institutions that can be expensive.

Silverado Academy located in Garfield County is such an institution with high tuition ranging around $4,000-$7,000 a month and specializes in a specific kind of education for children. The main focus is for troubled youth who need a different educational experience than one provided by mainstream schooling. The school acts as a boarding school and services both boys and girls ages 13-18. Some of the programs highlights include trips to national parks, attending local events and various festivals. The program is built to nurture and heal students who arrive from a variety of backgrounds. Some students are severely disturbed and have grave emotional trauma. The facility offers students a variety of mental health consultation and experimental programs to rebuild children.

Children in this setting are extremely fragile and need the utmost protection however three families are suing Silverado Academy for failing to supervise its faculty appropriately. Eric Allen Glosson was hired as a counseling coach for children ages 13-18 and is charged with several counts of sexual assault and sexual abuse with a minor. The suit claims that Glosson had been fired in the past for his conduct toward children but had been rehired later. The suit also alleges that Glosson had easy access to children privately and alone within his living area, the children’s dorms and in classrooms.

This behavior and lack of safety is in direct contrast with the mission of this school. Children came hurt and were further subjected to criminal assault. The school has made a statement that they will provide consoling for the actions of Glosson but this behavior is ludicrous. For any institution to promote an environment of peace and healing it must first be safe! Such an atrocity ripples through our society and cripple’s our ability to grow. The lack of safety found at this institution cannot be allowed to go without punishment. Similar institutions must watch the result of this lawsuit and change their policy to protect the students they serve. No one deserves to be abused by those sworn to protect them.

A full article can be found here: Families sue Utah school over alleged sex abuse by counselor

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