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Racial Discrimination is Still Illegal

During the 1960’s some of the most progressive legislature regarding civil rights was passed and new power was given to those laws. Before then racial tensions had been on a continuous rise and the government had seen itself out of the conversation with the ruling of Plessy v. Ferguson. However after that ruling was over turned in the 1954 ruling of Brown v. Board of Education the government found itself as a new mediator in race relations.

Several laws were passed to protect civil rights, mainly the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prevented discrimination based on “race, color, religion or national origin.” It was the hope of many that these laws would help end discrimination and once again turn our country into a place for the free and the brave. However in some cases resistance was strong and government intervention was necessary.

Through the past decades and numerous lawsuits citing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as the basis of the lawsuit discrimination has greatly been reduced although it is not completely eliminated. In Baltimore David S. Brown Enterprises Ltd. is being sued for violations of the Civil Rights Act. The owner of Cibo Bar & Grill claims that over the years their clientele has changed and when it started becoming predominately African American they were challenged with interference from Brown Enterprises.

These are not minor claims or allegations; owners for Cibo Bar & Grill say Brown Enterprises forced them out of business. Brown Enterprises owns the property that Cibo Bar & Grill was operating out of and the tactics they were charged with using to put them out of business include changing the lighting to make it look like the business was not open, prevented the business from using common areas like the patio, varying the amounts of rent, and refusing to let the business sell itself once it had become unprofitable because the buyer was an African American couple.

This blatant discrimination is not just wrong but it is protected against by the law. Every business has the opportunity to succeed or fail on its own merits without discrimination coming into play. The actions of Brown Enterprises has lead to a degradation in the lives of those who live in a post Civil Rights Act world whereby they are allowed to enjoy freedoms that all Americans should have. We all deserve the right to eat where we would like and to be patrons of businesses we approve of. For some to take actions to thwart that right is unjust, unethical and un-American. The suit is seeking damages for abuse of process, breach of contract, contract interference, civil rights violations and more.

A full article can be found here: Restaurant owners sue Baltimore Co. developer, claim racism

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