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…Stays in Vegas

The flow of money is never ending in our economy; it jumps switching hands from one person to the next with the only resistance coming in the form of how quickly we can spend it. However having money flow in your direction is an entirely different matter, in fact for many people it is the only matter.

To begin there are a plethora of tools businesses and people use to get money to flow in their direction and one of the most useful is marketing. If nobody knows who you are they certainly can never give you money thereby marketing holds significant value. It can turn words like Disney World into mood bombs if said around young children can turn them into craving maniacs.

We all know marketing has power and influence but it doesn’t come cheap. Recently the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has gotten into a suit over violations of its “Only Vegas” logo.

The logo established itself in TV commercials portraying Las Vegas as the city of secret adult fun. The commercials often leave the viewer with more questions than answers, which may be the reason the ads have been so successful. Each mysterious scene is subsequently followed by the “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas slogan” which has come to be synonymous with the city’s image.

Through the efforts of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, who established the campaign, Las Vegas now has a reputation to uphold and protect. Due to the massive amounts of money used in this campaign and the publicity associated with the slogan it is clear why it must be protected. Anyone trying to use the “good name” of Vegas to promote their products could damage the brand and potentially harm our local economy. It is for these very good reasons that suit was brought against Vegas Pawn an Arizona based pawn shop.

The shop has used the same style lettering as the “Only Vegas” logo on its shirts and on its website. This has presented a very substantial problem for the LVCVA because they claim it can be easy for people to believe Las Vegas endorses this pawnshop when it in fact does not. The use of someone else’s established logo is illegal and the LVCVA alleges trademark infringement and unfair competition in its suit.

This pawnshop is effectively siphoning off the marketing that has already been done for Las Vegas without approval or authorization. It has dodged putting forth any effort of its own to market itself and hopes to profit from other’s work. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and LVCVA says that it attempted to resolve the matter in a non-legal manner first but was ignored. What is disappointing is that a great marketing campaign ensures a successful business future but unfortunately has the potential to be targeted for copyright infringement.

A full article can be found here: LVCVA sues Arizona pawnshop over ‘Only Vegas’ logo

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