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Suit Filed Against Church After Girl Dies

A Las Vegas lawsuit alleges a girl died after participating in religious rights in July 2010 and now her mother is filling suit against The Moment of Truth Ministries Inc.

The church is charged with wrongful death, negligence and product liability. The suit claims the girl had intended to fast for religious reasons and was given a pill containing dangerous substances by the Ministry. Later that day the girl passed away.

The church denies responsibility for the death citing the girl’s preexisting medical conditions. Further, the church argues that the fast was unrelated to the church and that they did not give the girl any substance. The church says they are grieving the girl’s death too and that the victim’s mother is being influenced to file the suit.

Punitive, exemplary and general damages are being sought by the plaintiff.

A full article can be found here: Lawsuit alleges teen died after church ritual

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