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Trade Secrets are Secret for a Reason

Business is an integral part of the community, in fact it can be said it is the basis for community. Since the dawn of trade our lives have revolved around making deals and exchanging services. A great debate in our day in age has been government intervention in business and whether we should have more or less. In the 60’s it was authoritarian communism versus American capitalism but the current battle is here in Las Vegas and it’s Dotty’s versus the County Commissioner’s.

Every business in America was founded on the principal of our free market. We are taught that if you have the ability to dream it, its legal and safe to use, then you could make it. Here in America the American dream is thriving for us to work harder and achieve more. Everyday citizens are inventing new ways to serve our community and benefit society. This is progress at its finest and exactly what our nation was founded upon.

Dotty’s casino wanted to live that dream, it wanted follow the path of every great business and establish itself as a respected business. It came with a new idea, a new type of gambling institution one that provided a cozy feeling to customers contrary to the callous mechanical feeling found at a casino.

When Dotty’s first presented its business model to the county it was met with skepticism but also encouragement. Since that fateful encounter the encouragement has faded and Dotty’s has found its self subject to legal pressure from large casinos and county commissioners alike.Both have pushed for new laws that target the Dotty’s business model and directly disrupt operations.

These pressures, although difficult to overcome, were not as strenuous as recent actions taken by county commissioners. The county commissioners have disseminated sensitive information regarding Dotty’s operations to both competitors and the public alike. What had been conducted as a private audit, which the information was protected under law, has now had that obligation breached.

Dotty’s has sought legal representation to help fight against the oppression and are currently disputing the requirements that have been placed on them by the county as well as seeking damages for the county releasing private information that it was required to keep secret.

This is an all out attack and war being waged against Dotty’s through legal and illegal means. It is a great tragedy that the principals of our nation are being discarded in an attempt to eliminate a business because of its success. The citizens of Las Vegas will face an easy decision when choosing to reelect members of the county commission.

A full article can be found here: Dotty’s charges Clark County leaked trade secrets

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