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Equal Pay for Equal Work

Written By Las Vegas based Law Clerk: Robert Maxey (Las Vegas, Nevada)

“Equal pay for equal work” has been the mantra for woman’s work since the start of the feminist movement. In our current world, women are still making less than men for the same type of work. Women are only earning 77.5 cents for every dollar a man earns. Further, women who work harder to receive higher education levels actually have even more of a disparity in wages earned compared with men. This obviously doesn’t seem fair when we have such a long history in our country fighting for what is right and just in the world. What is an even more staggering statistic is that in 99% of all occupations a woman has to choose from, they will make less than men.

These kinds of statistics and facts seem to fly in the face of reason and good faith. Recently within the city of Detroit, allegations have been made against the Detroit Water and Sewage Department on sex discrimination. The former director, Pamela Turner, had earned a salary of $130,000 when she first started working there. Although this seems like a healthy salary, she was in fact making approximately $100,000 less than the previous two directors who were male.

Turner, after receiving recognition for her hard work and pushing for a pay increase, was eventually was given a raise to $155,000. Despite this raise, it still paled in comparison to the $240,000 that her predecessors made. She eventually put in her resignation allegedly due to the refusal of the city to compensate her adequately. She claims that, after her resignation, the city has posted listings for her replacement at a compensation of $230,000.

That alleged facts of this case are indeed shocking. To this writer, it seems like an obvious case of sex discrimination; former and future heads of the department will be making around the same amount of money while Turner was paid considerably less. When they attempted to give her a raise, it was a paltry amount, possibly to appease her desire for equal pay.

The government and state agencies should always be leading the way in fair employment practices. Additionally, we hold the officials of our cities to a stricter code because we expect that as keepers of the city they will follow our laws. If people perform equal work then they should be receiving equal pay. To hold similar work to different standards, solely because of the sex of the person performing the work, deteriorates our system. If people are treated fairly, they will usually be happier than if they are discriminated against and happier workers are more productive. The system works as long as we work within the system.

A full article can be found here: Former Detroit water chief sues city, alleging pay discrimination

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