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Overtime Pay Is Required In Some Cases

Written By Las Vegas based Law Clerk: Robert Maxey (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Recently, Starbucks was sued over alleged violations of California’s employment law. The case is a class action suit, which covers Starbucks employment practices within the state. Allegedly, Starbucks, within California, neglected to pay workers for their overtime hours worked, and for the minimum wage they should have received. The main accusation against the popular company is that they have not been paying for employees while they were being trained “off the clock.” According to California law, employers are responsible for paying employees who are working regardless of whether or not they are clocked in.

Corporations and large business are viewed as economically good, because they are efficient at reducing cost via reducing redundancy. However, with big business comes increasingly more power and influence that business possesses. This private interest can interfere with the public interests of government. The last thing we want in our free nation is to have our freedoms revoked in favor of corporate dictatorship. It is here where the government best serves the people by establishing a set of laws that it enforces.

When corporations attempt to cut legal corners to create higher profits, they are jeopardizing democracy. We as a people have voted and established what was fair for corporations and what was fair for workers. A healthy society is one that is mutually beneficial to both parties involved in an agreement. When one party unjustly benefits while the other suffers we mimic the actions of a dictatorship.

The regulations we have in our country are important to keeping our economy working like a well-oiled machine. Laws act as gears while human ingenuity and passion for success act as the engine. It is this writer’s belief that, when our protective laws are upheld and we are passionate for success we benefit the most from our society.

A full article can be found here: Starbucks Hit with Large Wage & Hour Class Action Lawsuit by the San Jose Employment Attorneys at Blumenthal, Nordrehaug & Bhowmik

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