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The American Dream is Alive and Well Small Business Owner and His Trial Lawyers Hammer State Farm For Millions of Dollars

Written By a Law Clerk for Lagomarsino Law:
Robert Maxey (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The American dream has always been the fuel of our nation propelling us forward. The idea that anyone could become successful, regardless of his or her background, has sparked almost every venture within our nation. It is this dream that has lead people to toil hard and work to build a name for themselves. We have grown to rely upon the American dream and it is expected if we work hard enough we will be rewarded proportionately. The dream is not just a part of our country; it is the soul of our country.

When attacks are made against the American dream we are inspired to defend it and see that justice is served. That is exactly what has happened in Hamilton County Court where an award of $14.5 million dollars was issued to Joseph Radcliff and his company CPM Construction of Indiana. His company had been involved in a lawsuit against State Farm on allegations that they had been defamed. During a hailstorm in 2006 CPM had been hired to perform repairs. However State Farm, the insurer of those homes, denied claims for damages that were made. This resulted in the insurer receiving bad publicity and prompted an attack against CPM.

Insurance fraud and racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations claims were pursued and initiated by State Farm against Radcliff and CPM in a court of law. However, the felony charges had no factual ground to be made and held no water. Marion County Prosecutor dismissed the claims. Unfortunately the damage had already been done to the reputation of both Radcliff and CPM. CPM was unable to stay in business and failed.

This was a true story of David versus Goliath. CPM Construction was a small respectable firm whereas State Farm was the nation’s largest insurance provider. State Farm had used its power and influence to drive a small business out of the market and ruin Joseph Radcliff’s reputation. It was through the court system that a small business owner was able to stand up against false accusations and be vindicated.

Joseph Radcliff had built his business upon the American dream and invested his time and energy to the success of his business. To deny anyone the right they have to profit from their hard work is un-American and unjust. We the people must stand against those who would abuse their power and influence. The court system can bring the needed justice for a person to receive closure from an illegal act. As Joseph Radcliff can testify, the courts keep the American dream alive and well.

A full article can be found here: 14.5 Million Dollar Jury Verdict Awarded Against State Farm Insurance

The Las Vegas office of Lagomarsino Law has previously sued insurance companies engaged in bad faith practices. One such insurance company was American Family Insurance. Andre Lagomarsino took American Family to trial and prevailed. The judge and jury combined to award Mr. Lagomarsino’s client over $200,000 for the denial of an underinsured motorist claim. Our office has also sued other insurance companies for their bad faith misconduct.

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