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What’s Your Child’s Education Worth?

Written By a Law Clerk for Lagomarsino Law: Robert Maxey
As time has progressed in the United States equality and freedom has grown to numerous Americans. From the day we first declared our independence from the British we have worked to provide the same level of rights to all citizens of our country. In 1865 slavery was ended with the 13th Amendment to the constitution, while in 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed which provided equal treatment regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity and in 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act afforded similar protection as the Civil Rights Act to Americans who were faced with a mental or physical impairment that substantially limited a major life activity. With such great strides made in equity and freedom the duty to protect these rights becomes not only the responsibility of the government but also that of the public.

Public education acts as a safeguard for these progresses by ensuring that all children receive the benefits. The department of education provides for a majority of children within our country and nurses them until adulthood. If we think about it the government is responsible for our children’s lives approximately seven hours of every weekday (excluding summers and holidays) for twelve years. Trusting the government to do a good job can be a difficult task for some but often times we submit thoughtlessly and without a fight.

Our own children are the most precious things we have, they are our pride and our joy. Causing our children injury or pain by making the wrong choice can torment a parent for a lifetime. Naomi Garay experienced some of this horror when she discovered what had happened to her daughter. Her daughter Daisy Garcia was meant to attend Leake & Watts Elementary on a bus that services children with disabilities. What happened instead was that her daughter was removed from the bus by force at Public School 14. She tried pleading with the driver explaining that it was not the right stop but the driver did not listen. When the girl fell after being lead off the bus after she pulled herself back up the driver began dragging her again. The girl was left in the school lobby where she cried her eyes out until being discovered.

This kind of behavior is tragic and raises numerous questions about public policy and procedures regarding education. We have come so far to provide new freedoms and opportunities for our children and abuses like this are taking them away. The busing system for disabled children, of all places, should be the least likely to experience this kind of anguish. When investigations began it was discovered the busing company contracted by the department of education may not in fact be providing certified drivers.

With so much trust and power given to our government we must ensure that our society is as free as it was meant to be. The lawsuit that has been filed by the family will hopefully grant some relief to Daisy Garcia, who since the incident has been forced to increase her medication that treats her emotional disorders. While her mother’s faith may never be returned in public school system it is the hope that appropriate measures will be taken by the department of education to protect our children in the future
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