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Winning Isn’t Everything

The all American game of gridiron football has been around since before the 1900’s when it developed from the game of rugby. At its start up American football was a dangerous sport that killed dozens of its players every year. With new rules and regulations implemented in the early 1900’s football reduced its death toll and it established itself as an all American sport within the college community. Collegiate bowl games would attract people from all over the nation to come and watch and this has not changed much since our modern times.

Bitter rivalries have been forged in college football and add fuel the college spirit. Competition is fierce and students must train hard if they are to make the team. Often recruiters are sent out and athletics scholarships are offered to students to persuade them to play for the school. There is a lot of money to be made in college games too but it is the university that reaps the benefits. College football coaches can earn salaries in the millions and their salaries are frequently well deserved for the money they earn the school.

It has been the fantasy of many youths to play football in college. For some it is their shot at making it into the NFL while for others it is their opportunity to attend college. Ereck Plancher was a student at UCF who was lucky enough to play football; he was living the dream. As an honor student who made sure to stay involved with his family he was well loved. What happened to Ereck was that during an intense football practice that was meant as a punishment he collapsed from complications brought on by sickle cell trait. Fellow student football players knew how rigorous the training was and attempted to help him out. The tragedy of this situation comes when the students were instructed not to help him out. Further, athletic training staff were also not instructed to help him out. It was discovered through testimony in the trail that his death could have been prevented if he was treated within a timely manner. UCF Athletic Association was found negligent and Ereck’s family was awarded $10,000,000.

What happened here was the pressure to win became so strong that it drove someone to cruelty; in this act of cruelty a young man who made his family proud was killed. Still heart broken at the loss of their son they say the trial was important because it told them what happened to their son. They had been left in the dark about the day their son died and the Plancher family says the real justice in this case was that they had a fair trail. Ereck’s father says that within his home country they would not have received a fair trail.

A full article can be found here: Ereck Plancher trial: Parents of UCF player say jury awarded them justice

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