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6 Steps to Choose the Best Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

6 Steps to Choose the Best Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney
It is scary to be a suspect in a criminal situation, worse to be arrested. Whether you are a Las Vegas local or visitor, protect yourself by hiring the best criminal defense attorney as early as possible. Here is a six step guide to getting the best legal help in the worst criminal situations.

Step 1: Chose a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney who specializes in the criminal area that applies to you. Some criminal defense attorneys are generalists. They accept any criminal case that pays. Some criminal defense attorneys handle criminal matters “on the side” or practice civil law too. A criminal defense attorney who specializes in a particular area knows the applicable laws and their nuances. What they don’t know, they know where to find.

Step 2: Look for substantial and recent experience. To properly navigate the legal system, attorneys need practical experience. Since laws change, recent experience is helpful. Inquire how many cases similar to yours’ the attorney has handled in the last few years, and of these, how many were resolved in the client’s best interest?

Step 3: Since each courthouse has its own rules, look for a criminal defense attorney who has courtroom experience in your courthouse jurisdiction. And though not every criminal matter ends in a trial, if trial is a possibility, you want a criminal defense attorney who can represent you up to and including through a trial.

Step 4: Make sure your Las Vegas criminal defense attorney has an impeccable reputation. Is the attorney highly respected by law enforcement and courthouse personnel, including judges? Is the attorney referred by a friend or trusted source? Does the Nevada and Las Vegas Bar Associations make referrals to this attorney? Has the attorney been disciplined, or had numerous complaints/lawsuits filed against them?

Step 5: Meet the attorney at their office. Meeting face to face on the attorney’s territory gleans information on how the attorney may work for you. Is the attorney’s office run efficiently? Attorneys notoriously have messy desks, but a good attorney can quickly find anything. Are there enough support personnel so the attorney solely focuses on cases? Will other associates be involved in your case? If associates do more than research, meet them too. Ask the attorney about their present workload. Too many or few cases may be a sign you will not be adequately represented. Other red flags – the attorney did not call back or meet with you within a reasonable time; the meeting is rushed; during the meeting the attorney allows interruptions for nonemergency visits or phone calls. Lastly, for this attorney is it “just about the money?”

Step 6: Finally, go with your gut feeling. Does the attorney make you feel at ease? Is the attorney condescending or inconsiderate? You do not have to “like” the attorney, but getting along aids communication and avoids “not related to the case” issues.

The commentary is for educational and commentary purposes only. If you or someone you know needs a Criminal Defense lawyer to protect your rights Lagomarsino Law attorneys have successfully handled criminal defense matters in Las Vegas and throughout the State of Nevada, contact our office for a free confidential case review and receive a response within hours. Call Toll Free 866-414-0400.