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Avoid the Stress of a Car Accident, Hire an Attorney

There are few things that can ruin a day like an auto accident. It’s unexpected, and because you can only prepare so much to avoid one, when it happens, it’s stressful. If you are involved in a car accident anywhere in Nevada, including Las Vegas, reduce the stress and reinstill some calm by knowing the following few tips and Nevada car accident laws.

Tip One: Remember the Scout Motto – “Be Prepared”

Keep your car well maintained. Make sure your car follows the maintenance schedule laid out by the car’s manufacturer in your vehicle’s owner manual. In between maintenance inspections, routinely check the air pressure in your tires and the wear down of your wipers. After your car has sat for awhile, pull it away and check the ground for fluid leakages.

Be prepared for any Nevada car accident by putting a car emergency kit either in your trunk or underneath a front seat. You can buy a prepared car accident kit or put one together yourself. At a minimum your kit should include a flashlight, first aid materials, a camera, an ink pen, and a blanket. And whenever you drive, carry your driver’s license, insurance registration, medical information, and a cell phone. To be extra prepared, if you have some type of Smartphone, consider installing a car accident app.

Tip Two: After an Accident Do the “Immediates”

After a car accident, the first reaction for most drivers and passengers is panic, then anger. As time is critical, tamper your emotions so critical steps can be taken.

Check the accident surroundings. Is anyone injured? Is there fire or the potential for fire or explosion? As soon as possible and if possible, alleviate any emergency situations that could lead to further injury or damage.

Move the cars to the side of the road or a nearby car accident area away from traffic, if possible.

Even if there is not much car damage or injury, call the police so you have a record of the accident and any fault can be assessed. If there are serious injuries, calling 911 will reach an ambulance service as well as the police.

Remember to take down notes about the car accident and the names and contact information for any witnesses, and call your insurance agent.

Finally, as soon as it is convenient, take pictures of the entire car’s interior and exterior, the accident area, and any injuries. Also, though Nevada law requires both parties’ consent to record conversations, as most car accidents occur outside, the expectation of privacy is debatable, so use your cell phone’s camcorder to record any spontaneous statements and conversations made by the other parties in the accident.

Tip Three: Zip Your Lips
While the police will inquire as to how the accident occurred, only give them the facts. Never voice out loud to yourself or anyone else, a statement of fault. Limit that discussion to conversations with your insurance agent and attorney. Furthermore, do not make a statement to the other insurance companies before consulting with your own insurer or attorney. Finally, unless requested by the police or your insurer, do not sign any documents proffered.

Tip Four: Consider Hiring an Attorney
Under Nevada law for all car accidents, all drivers must carry insurance with coverage of a minimum of $30,000 for all bodily injury (limited to $15,000 per person) and $10,000 for property damage. Consult NRS 484.219 to 249 which outline the responsibilities of all drivers involved in and the reporting of accidents in Nevada.

The commentary is for educational and commentary purposes only. If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident in, and would like to be represented by a Nevada attorney to ensure you receive the proper compensation for any injuries, damage, pain and suffering, and wage loss. You should always hire a Nevada attorney knowledgeable about personal injury, and criminal defense if there were fatalities in the accident. Contact our office for a free confidential case review and receive a response within hours. Call Toll Free 866-414-0400.