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Las Vegas Police Seek Help with Fatal School Bus Accident

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are seeking witnesses to a fatal school bus accident where an 11-year old girl fell under a Thomas school bus and was killed. Witnesses are being sought because why the child fell is unknown. While the 11-year-old girl is the first minor killed by a school bus in the last six months, the accident is the 27th fatal traffic collision in Metropolitan Las Vegas this year.

Every year in Nevada, passengers, drivers, and bystanders are injured in bus accidents. Whether the bus is a school bus, city bus, or charter bus, all parties to a bus accident should know their rights.

City buses are public transportation. Since public transportation rarely has any sort of restraint system, injuries that occur in public transportation accidents can be more serious than those that would occur in a comparable car accident. Charter buses are generally owned by private companies, while school buses can be publicly or privately run.

But regardless of who owns and/or operates the buses, in Nevada the agency or company must exercise a reasonable duty of care to keep their passengers safe. Accidents that occur due to poorly-maintained equipment, inadequately trained drivers, or other preventable issues expose the owners, operators, and mechanics to liability. If the bus was poorly designed or manufactured, the designer and/or parts and bus manufacturer may be liable for any injuries or deaths that occur from the accident. Finally, bus drivers who violate drive laws or drive impaired can also find themselves liable for their bus accidents. Negligent drivers of a secondary vehicle that may have caused the bus to crash can also be held liable.

If you find yourself involved in a Nevada bus accident, the first and most important step is to take care of any medical issues you may have. Don’t be the tough guy or fail to seek the right treatment as this could result in permanent impairment or serious undiagnosed injuries.

As soon as reasonably possible you should seek legal counsel immediately. Many forms of public transportation fall under special laws, and require special knowledge or expertise to litigate. Civil lawsuits also have a statute of limitations which bar recovery if a lawsuit is not filed within a certain period of time after the bus accident. And if governmental or similar bodies are involved, the statute of limitations may even be shorter. An attorney experienced in bus accidents will be present and guide you in speaking to insurance companies or other attorneys who don’t have your best interest as a priority. The attorney will also correctly identify the liable party or parties and build a case for you.

The commentary is for educational and commentary purposes only. If you or a loved one are involved in a bus accident in Las Vegas or the state of Nevada, contact Lagomarsino Law immediately. You should always hire a Nevada attorney knowledgeable about personal injury, and criminal defense if there were fatalities in the accident. Contact our office for a free confidential case review and receive a response within hours. Call Toll Free 866-414-0400.