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Las Vegas Slip and Fall Attorney Gives Tips

Slips and falls are a part of everyday life. If you slip and fall on the premises of a business, such as a Las Vegas hotel or nightclub, it is important to take steps to protect your rights. Here are six tips:

1. Document the scene: As soon as you can, start taking pictures of the full accident scene. If you are alone, ask a friendly witness to help. Take down the names of any witnesses and their contact information. Make a note of any witnesses who also may be taking pictures. Document the condition of and any items in the area where you fall. Also note if there are no noticeable safety items or warning signs. Save a sample of any perishable or nonperishable item that may have caused your slip and fall.
2. Your clothes are important: Do not wash or wear your clothes after a slip and fall. Store them in a sealed plastic bag, then store the bag in a dry, cool spot.
3. File an Accident Report: Before you leave the premises, make sure the business owner, manager, or someone in charge takes your accident report, and gives you a copy. Before you sign it, read it. If there is video surveillance in the store or area, send an evidence preservation letter demanding the business to preserve all video of the incident.
4. Seek Medical Attention: Go to your personal physician or a hospital ER to have your injuries diagnosed and treated. If possible, have images taken of any present and potential injuries.
5. Do not Give a Statement: Remember, you are not legally required to give or sign a statement after a slip and fall. If anyone representing the business, including the business’ attorney and/or insurance company, asks for a statement, politely decline and refer them to your attorney.
6. Seek the Advice of an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney: Businesses are required to take reasonable steps to protect their patrons from injury. If a dangerous condition is reasonably foreseeable, but a business fails to take action, they can be negligent and liable for damages. An experienced attorney can assess your situation, provide legal representation, and make sure any claim is filed timely.

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