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Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Disturbed by the Increase in Pedestrian Deaths on Roadways – Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Andre Lagomarsino

Police say 26 people have been killed by cars while crossing the street in Metro’s Jurisdiction this year. That’s more than twice as many pedestrian deaths than at this time in 2011. A man trying to cross Tropicana west of Rainbow about a week ago was the most recent casualty.

“It’s honestly getting out of hand. You would think that people would have consideration for people crossing the street, but they think they own the road,” said Marquise Bellamy who lives off Tropicana. “I’ve never seen it as bad as it is now.”

Leaders at metro say the majority of cases involve pedestrian error.

“Pedestrians walking outside of a marked crosswalk,” said Laura Meltzer of the Metro Police Department. “Or in the middle of the street and not at an intersection.”

People who live off Tropicana say they see all the time.

“They’re taking their life into their own hands. I see it all the time,” said 7 year resident Eugene Atkins. “I’ve actually seen a person get hit crossing against a light at night and actually got hit.”

Metro says both drivers and pedestrians are responsible for keeping the roads safe, but pedestrians have more to lose.

“Pedestrians make sure you pay attention to what’s around you, and if you’re crossing the street make sure you are looking both ways and making sure it’s safe to cross,” said Meltzer. “Even if you do have the right away you’re not going to win a contest between a vehicle and a person.”

Henderson police say it’s a problem across the country. They say they’re stepping up enforcement at clearly defined crosswalks. They will ticketing speeders and people crossing illegally. That extra enforcement is scheduled to end September 16th.

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