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Progressive Insurance Fights Payout for Death of Car Accident Victim – Las Vegas Automobile Accident Attorney Andre Lagomarsino

When Kaitlynn Fisher was killed in a June 2010 car accident, the Fisher family thought its biggest fight would be against the other driver and his insurance company. Little did they know their daughter’s insurance company would join forces with the other driver to prevent paying the Fishers under Kaitlynn’s policy. In order to avoid the payout to Kaitlynn Fisher’s family, Progressive interjected itself into a lawsuit the Fisher family filed against the other driver, Ronald K. Hope III.

When an independent witness to the car accident, testified that Hope, ran a red light and crashed into the car driven by Kaitlynn, which killed Kaitlynn and seriously injured her passenger, Hope’s insurance company, Nationwide, paid the Fishers the $25 thousand allowed under Hope’s policy. Under Kaitlynn’s policy, the actions of an uninsured or underinsured driver that caused injury or death, was payable up to $100 thousand. Because Nationwide had paid $25,000, the Fishers believed they were due $75,000 from Progressive. Progressive refused to acknowledge that Hope was at fault, however, because if the crash was Kaitlynn’s fault, Progressive would not have to pay. The Fishers then brought suit against Hope, hoping Progressive would be forced to pay the family if a jury found Hope negligent.

During the trial, Progressive joined forces with the other driver and tried to blame the wreck on Kaitlynn. Progressive even coordinated with the defense and put on witnesses who tried to undermine Kaitlynn’s case.

In August 2012, Hope was found guilty. That’s when Kaitlynn’s brother, Matt Fisher, published a blog post explaining how Progressive was denying the Fishers a payout for a car accident that wasn’t Kaitlynn’s fault. Since then, Progressive has been deluged with criticism and backlash so vicious, the Ohio-based company issued a statement denying it represented Hope. The statement did not acknowledge that Progressive worked with Hope’s defense, however. Progressive says it is now committed to resolving the situation with the Fisher family.

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