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Carson City Police Charge Man with Battery and Assault on Police Officers Because he had “Extraordinary Strength” – Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Andre Lagomarsino

Carson City resident, 35 year old Tyrone Michael Tyson, has been charged with assault and battery on police officers. According to the Carson City police, several calls were received regarding a man yelling and damaging property on Lee Street. After responding, a deputy saw Tyson and told him to stop. Tyson kept walking. Other deputies then told Tyson to stop walking, but Tyson kept walking. At one point an officer used a patrol car PA system to tell Tyson to stop walking, but Tyson continued to walk. Several officers then attempted to physically stop Tyson. When he resisted, an officer fired a taser into his back. Though Tyson fell to the ground, he then “bounced back up to his feet,” according to the arrest report. “The taser did not seem to have any effect on him,” the arrest report stated.

At this point, while Tyson was still being tased, an officer grabbed Tyson’s right arm and attempted to place handcuffs around his wrists. Tyson “violently pulled away,” swinging his elbow at the officer. The officer then struck Tyson in the head and face, while other deputies began to tackle Tyson to the ground again. Tyson again tried to get up so two deputies got on his back to keep him down. Despite several knee strikes to Tyson’s body, Tyson kept fighting the officers, swinging his fists and kicking at them.

When more officers arrived, Tyson was pepper sprayed in the face. He responded by striking that officer and several others, who responded by hitting him with a baton. At some point Tyson made an officer physically ill when Tyson grabbed his testicles and squeezed hard. He is also accused of biting another officer. One deputy claims because of Tyson’s resistance, the officer was injured when he was accidentally tased by a fellow officer. When Tyson was finally subdued, he was sedated and transferred to the hospital, where he began resisting again.

According to the police report, Tyson, who weighs approximately 170 pounds and is 5’8″, showed “extraordinary strength” and that is how he was able to resist so many officers for so long.

Tyson is charged with several gross misdemeanor charges, including battery and assault on police officers, misdemeanor obstructing, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

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