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Man Arrested for Tying up Nevada’s 911 System – Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Andre Lagomarsino

He’s suspected of placing almost 4 thousand calls to the Nevada 911 System over a one year period. In one two day period, he called 911 59 times. He is now in police custody, and Nevada residents are breathing a lot easier.

According to the Henderson, NV police, Tuy Thai, was a serial 911 crank caller. Though he didn’t have an emergency, he constantly called the 911 system, which prevented people experiencing real emergencies from getting timely help.

According to the police report, Thai’s modus operandi was to call the 911 dispatch center. Once dispatchers picked up the phone and asked for a name, Thai would hang up. Though cell phones calls come in without a registered address, they do register a telephone number. The dispatchers continually recalled the number, but only one time did Thai pickup. He denied calling 911 and told the dispatchers that others had used his phone and something had happened.

As the frustration of the dispatchers grew, the Henderson police decided to set up a sting by triangulating Thai’s location. That week, Thai called 911 and the Henderson police were able to stake out his location. When he later called 911, the police determined Thai was the only person with a cell phone who could have made phone calls to 911 from his location.

Thai again denied he made the 911 calls. Later he told the police that his phone was broken and was automatically calling 911. Henderson police arrested Thai for bogus hang-ups and tying up 911 resources. Though dispatchers and Henderson police are convinced Thai is responsible for the almost 4 thousand 911 crank calls, the police are only charging Thai with the 59 calls they can prove he made.

In Nevada, misuse of the 911 system is a gross misdemeanor. If found guilty, for each charged count an individual can be punished up to a year in jail and $2 thousand.
Last month, the 6th Judicial District Court of Nevada acquitted a homeless woman charged with gross misdemeanor misuse of the 911 system.

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