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A second trial has begun for a former Las Vegas policeman, Maurice Carroll in one of Las Vegas’ courthouse’s biggest scandals. Carroll, who served on the Las Vegas Police Department from 1990 to 2000, is being retried on 17 perjury counts. He is also being tried for the first time on 17 forgery counts. A jury previously found Carroll guilty of the 17 perjury courts. However, when District Judge Elissa Cadish ordered Carroll retried on the perjury charges, prosecutors added the 17 forgery counts.

In 2010, Carroll, the owner and process server for On Scene Mediations, was charged with, and admitted to, submitting false affidavits in Las Vegas Justice Court. According to police, Carroll, who served court papers for payday loan companies Rapid Cash and Budget Loans, as well as debt collector Richland Holdings, never served defendants in many civil actions, though he filed court affidavits saying he had. Defendants named in the court affidavits were then hit with default judgments after they failed to show up for cases they knew nothing about.

Police became aware of Carroll’s improprieties when Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa brought the allegations against Carroll to the police. The 17 felony charges are based on 17 civil cases brought by Richland Holdings against defendants who have sworn they were never served by Carroll. Several defendants have proven that at the time they were allegedly served at home, they were at work. Others claim the addresses of service were to residences where they did not live. Still others claim they were out of town when Carroll allegedly served them in Las Vegas.

Paul Liggio, owner of Richland Holdings, testified against Carroll during the first trial. Vilisia Coleman, Carroll’s former office manager who was determined to be complicit with Carroll, was also charged. Coleman pleaded guilty and will now testify for the prosecution.

Carroll has steadfastly claimed that the filed court affidavits came from dead files used to train new employees. They were never to be filed and the fact that they were filed was Coleman’s fault.

Las Vegas Justice Court officials believe up to 25 thousand civil cases could be ultimately tied to false court affidavits filed by Carroll’s company. Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada has filed a class action lawsuit against Carroll and Rapid Cash on behalf of defendants who were never served court papers.

In 2011, Carroll was convicted of choking his pregnant girlfriend during an argument.

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