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Spate of Criminal Activity Has Local Boys in Courts – Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Andre Lagomarsino

The Clark County School District Police recently arrested two siblings suspected of physically bullying another student, then uploading the video to YouTube. In the video, the two brothers, ages 15 and 13, were seen slapping the other student in the face several times. The older sibling was also seen flashing gang signs in the video. Police booked both boys into juvenile detention after charging them each with battery. The older sibling also faces a possible gang enhancement charge. The younger sibling attends school at Roy Martin Middle School.

In Nevada, juveniles found guilty of battery can face fines, house arrest, probation, and/or community service. If the battery is deemed a misdemeanor, they can also face up to a year in a juvenile detention facility. For batteries deemed a felony, juveniles can face a minimum of one year imprisonment in a state institution.

Two local 11-year old boys recently pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit animal cruelty. In October, witnesses discovered the two boys throwing rocks at a mother cat giving birth. The mother cat’s six kittens later died. However, since it could not be proven that the kittens died from the attack on the mother, the boys could not be charged with animal cruelty.

After the boys’ psychological evaluations did not show any underlying psychological issues, the boys were each sentenced to 12 months of probation and a 30-day suspended sentence in the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center. The boys also must perform 80 hours of community service, attend school, and have no further association with each other.

In 2011, the Nevada Legislature passed Senate Bill 223 which treats animal cruelty in the state as a criminal felony. Senate Bill 223 is popularly known as Cooney’s Law.

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