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Motorcycle Accidents & The Importance of Wearing a Helmet

Many motorcycle riders love it- the feeling of riding down the open road, especially without a helmet. However, the dangers that come along with that feeling are all too real. Deaths related to motorcycle accidents are most often due to brain injury. In fact, motorcyclists who are involved in a serious accident without a helmet are 85% more likely to have a traumatic brain injury than their helmet-wearing counterparts.

Being aware of these risks is important for all motorcycle riders. Between 2001 and 2008 there were over 34,000 motorcyclists killed, and approximately 1.2 million riders suffered from serious injuries. Of the 300,000 brain injuries that lead to hospitalizations in the United States each year, about half are due to motorcycle accidents. The death rate from motorcycle accidents has increased by over 50% over the past ten years, and 22% of these accidents involve head and/or neck injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries results in over 50,000 deaths each year, and are one of the leading causes of death among young adults. There are also thousands of people each year who are disabled for life due to brain and spinal cord injuries. These types of injuries are often impossible to heal from, and those who suffer from said injuries require long term care and therapy.

Once a patient has been admitted to a hospital for a brain injury, doctors are unable to do much other than relieve any internal pressure on the brain and give the swelling time to go down. The second assessment is made between 24 and 72 hours after the injury occurs. However, this is more so to figure out what functions have been lost and not for treatment purposes.

Treatments for these injuries are expensive and long lasting. In addition, many traumatic brain injuries lead to other complications, requiring even more medical care.

Because of this, it is extremely important to take all precautions possible against brain injuries. Wearing a DOT approved helmet while riding a motorcycle is extremely important, and to always pay attention to the road.

However, even with precautions, there is still a risk of injury. If you or someone you know is involved in a motorcycle accident resulting in death or serious injury, it is important to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer, and to understand your legal options. The Nevada injury lawyers at Lagomarsino Law have produced excellent results for our clients, and will use our time and resources to get you the best possible outcome.