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Prosecution says Kidnapping Suspect gave 16-year-old Victim an STD

Kindergarten teacher Melvyn Perry Sprowson Jr. appeared in Clark County District Court earlier this week after being charged with kidnapping a 16-year-old girl.

Documents filed by the prosecution claim that the 16-year-old received an STD.

The details came out during an appeal of the $530,000 bail, which was set by the Las Vegas Justice Court last month. During the appeal, Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez agreed to lower the bail for Sprowson. The prosecution has originally asked bail to be set at $56,000. However, they argued that they would have asked for it to be higher had they known more facts about the case.

The prosecution filed court documents that state the following:

The victim was missing for over two months when police were able to track her down at Sprowson’s apartment.

At the time, she had been frustrated with her mother and saw Sprowson’s ad on Craiglist. He was looking for a roommate, and she began messaging with him. On August 29th, she told him that she couldn’t handle living in her home any longer, and Sprowson picked her up.

The girl told the police that they fell in love, and played board games together. She was not allowed to leave the apartment after dark, and Sprowson allowed her to drink alcohol. He also told her that if anyone discovered them, he had $30,000 and would locate her so they could be together.

Then, on October 21st Metro and Clark County School District police officers visited Sprowson while he was working at Wengert Elementary School. Although he admitted to messaging with and wiring money to the girl, he claimed not to know her whereabouts.

The next day, police went to Sprowson’s apartment, where the missing girl answered. Sprowson was arrested that day. He faces charges of first-degree kidnapping, giving a false statement to police and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Nevada law states that a 16-year-old can consent to sex. However, keeping a minor from his or her parents is illegal, whether or not the minor consents.

The girl was later hospitalized after threatening to harm herself repeatedly. While receiving treatment, doctors found an unspecified STD that the prosecutions says she got from the defendant. Sprowson’s attorney declined to comment on the link made between the STD and Sprowson.

The defense argued that the case is different because the girl is not troubled, and the whole situation happened because he was looking for a roommate and she found him.

Sprowson’s bail was lowered to $130,000, and if he posts bail he will be put under house arrest and not be allowed to contact the girl or her family. He is no longer employment by the Clark County School District.