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2014 Sees Sharp Decline in Fatal Car Crashes in Southern Nevada

According to an article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, fatal car crashes in Southern Nevada have dropped significantly during the first half of 2014. Last month, Lt. Dave Jacoby said during a Southern Nevada Traffic Safety Committee meeting that fatal vehicle crashes have dropped by nearly 20% as compared with the same point in 2013. Additionally, drunken driving arrests have fallen by about 25%, and fatal car accidents involving drunken drivers have decreased to just eleven alcohol-related fatalities, as compared with fifteen in 2013.

As reported in a study done by the Nevada Strategic Highway Safety Plan, 363 people lost their lives and 816 were seriously injured in impaired-driving crashes on Nevada roadways between 2008 and 2012. Male drivers aged 26 to 35 were involved in most impaired driving fatalities and serious injuries, followed by young male drivers aged 21 to 25. The highest proportion of impaired driving fatalities and serious injuries occurred during weekends. The study also found that 69% of fatalities and 83% of serious injuries occurred on urban roadways as opposed to rural ones.

However, while traffic collisions and deaths decline, the Committee announced that motorcycle and moped fatalities continue to rise, noting that two such deaths tend to largely occur to persons in two specific age groups: 18- to 25-year-olds and 45- to 55-year-olds. It is believed that the younger group’s deaths stem almost exclusively from reckless driving or excessive speed, while the older group’s deaths are almost always alcohol-related.

Previously, Lagomarsino Law blogged about reported data on traffic-related fatalities in 2013. The latest data from the first half of 2014 appears largely consistent with the trends recognized relative to car accident deaths, motorcycle deaths, and alcohol-related deaths last year.