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Social Media, Helpful or Hurtful?


Social Media, Helpful or Hurtful? 

Most  Americans LOVE their social media. Chatting, tweeting , and posting has become apart of our everyday lives. We are all aware that whatever we post, tweet and chat about stays forever in the internet. Our words, pictures and videos are a permanent imprints that can be found and used to help or hurt us at any given time. Social media is like a delicate ball, you can play with it and have a great time but given the right circumstances/situation your delicate ball can shatter. Your post about you being charitable, or your cute kids at their school recital can attract good and positive feedback. What about a picture of you shooting, horseback riding, fishing and other activities with friends? See how posting pictures of these harmless activities can have serious consequences.

Below is an excerpt from a Nevada Justice Episode 10:

At Lagomarsino Law we deal with a variety of cases. And every case varies as far as what it’s worth. So we have a few real settlements to disclose with you. Let’s start with an auto accident, shall we?

MR. LAGOMARSINO: Yeah, I think one thing that we get in the industry is we get something called The Trial Reporter and the following settlements don’t –these are no Lagomarsino Law settlements. These are settlements that we’ve seen in a magazine, basically, that will put out what these damages are. And they give you some
information. So let’s comment on these things.
MS. REYES: Of course. There was a case being tried on the defendant’s appeal of
plaintiff’s arbitration award of $6,382. The case was also being tried as a short trial.
The plaintiff, a 28-year-old female, alleged she was rear-ended by the defendant. The
female defendant admitted negligence but argued causation. The plaintiff alleged she sustained cervical soft tissue injuries which required three months of treatment. The defendant argued that on the weekend following the accident the plaintiff went rock climbing and posted pictures on Facebook. Defendant also argued other activities posted on Facebook shortly after the accident including shooting, horseback riding, fishing and other activities with friends. It was a one day trial, and the jury decided to award the plaintiff $6,312.83 even with the Facebook pictures.

This plaintiff could have received more for her injuries or worse lost her case entirely based on her innocent social media posts. We have seen it time and time again, celebrities and other notable people caught in comprising situations and it has gone viral damaging their image and reputation. You are not immune to your social media posts hurting you in the future. Always remember, what you put out on the internet lives on forever so be cognizant on your social media behavior.

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