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3 Lawsuits That May Leave You Shaking Your Head

3 Lawsuits That May Leave You Shaking Your Head

We hear it all the time, people suing celebrities, big corporations and otheth-2r people for what seems to be the most trivial of things and situations.  One of the many things that makes America such a wonderful place to live is the freedom to sue people and companies for financial compensation when we feel they have wronged us. Unfortunately, this freedom opens the door for frivolous lawsuits that bog down the legal system. There are many many frivolous lawsuits that have been filed over the years but here are 3 that seem to take “the cake”.

  1. Napkins Caused Me Distress: Webster Lucas walked into California McDonalds and ordered a Quarter Pounder Deluxe. Mr. Lucas proceeded to ask the manager for extra napkins with his hamburger, the manager allegedly denied Mr. Lucas stating “one was enough”. Mr. Lucas also alleges that after the manger refused, the manager stated that Mr. Lucas should have gone somewhere else. Mr. Lucas also claims the manager proceeded to make a racial slander after refusing to provide the additional napkins stating to another co-worker “these people”. Mr. Lucas claims that not getting extra napkins has caused him emotional distress therefore filing a lawsuit against McDonalds.
  2. Disney Is Not The Happiest Place On Earth: Some years back Disney theme parks banned the use of Segways. Disney claimed that they had to ban the Segways for safety reasons and that all two-wheeled motorized devices were banned not just Segways. An Iowa woman claimed Disney was in a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disney fired back stating that they provide their own version of a standing scooter that was safer and more conducive to all visitors in the park. Disney stated that their version was slower and easier to maneuver, reducing the chance of accidentally running over children. In an attempt to satisfy the Segway lovers they agreed to waive the rental fee for their version of the Segway if the park patron brought their own Segway to the theme parks. Disney agreed to store the park patron’s  Segway while allowing them to use their version during their visit. The case was almost dismissed but the three plaintiffs persevered and managed to win $4,000 each. Segways are still banned from all Disney theme parks and the plaintiffs allegedly used their $4,000 settlements for a week at Disney World.
  3. Beer Makes You Cool, Right?: Richard Overton sued Anheuser-Busch years back for a whopping $10,000. Mr. Overton stated that the beer giant was falsely advertising their brand of beer Bud Light. Mr. Overton claimed that every time he watched a Bud Light commercial the beer giant depicted events where “beautiful women and men engaged in endless and unrestricted merriment’. Mr. Overton claimed that he felt extreme distress after he realized that drinking Bud Light did not guarantee these types event. Unfortunately drinking beer and frivolous lawsuits don’t make you cool.

Whether you agree with these law-suits or not you must agree that America is the land of the free. Having the freedom to stand up to big corporations, celebrities, government and someone that you felt has wronged you is a privilege and a freedom that we must all agree is not frivolous.

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