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Slip and Fail?

Slip and Fail?


kiMgng4ijSlip and falls happen more often than you think, and unlike the television show   “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, they are no laughing matter. Across America millions of people have been injured in slip and fall accidents, either at work or in a public place.  Below is a link to a case where a woman’s routine trip to Walgreens is now a $1 million dollar lawsuit against the chain of drug stores.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), over 9 million disabling slip and fall injuries occur every year in the USA alone (2013 survey).  The average cost per slip and fall accidents is upwards of $20,000 plus. The NSC estimates that workers’ compensation and medical costs associated with employee slip and fall accidents are approximately $70 billion per year. Customer slip and fall incidents can be potentially far more costly as we see in the above lawsuit against Walgreens.

If you have ever tripped and fallen, your natural instinct may be to get up immediately before anyone sees you. The fear of anyone seeing you may be so great that you don’t realize that you may be seriously injured. Here are a few steps to take if you slip and fall, either at work or out in a public place.


  1. Stay Put: If you fall, stay put for a few minutes. Your embarrassment may immediately take over masking some serious injuries. Don’t worry about your pride, that can easily be repaired, but not getting immediate medical attention can have long lasting medical repercussions.
  2. Alert Someone:  If you feel you need immediate medical attention call 911. If you do not feel your injuries are life threatening and you are able to leave the store on your own, alert a member of management. If there is no manager on staff/available alert an employee or co-worker.
  3. Document, Document: If you fall at a large retail store or a well known business they will most likely have their own protocol for slip and falls. One of the protocols will be to fill out their own company’s incident report. If they do not offer you to fill out a report ask them if you can. On the report state ONLY the facts, nothing else. This incident report can be used if your case ends up going to litigation later on and you want to ensure that nothing but the facts are in the report. Make sure you inspect the report before signing it and ask for a copy of it before leaving the premises. If you are Slip-and-fall-lawyers1physically able, take pictures of the area where you fell and all areas around it. If there were any witnesses around, kindly ask if you can have their contact information in case there are no security camera’s that documented the incident.
  4. Get Better: After your fall follow up with the appropriate medical attention and ensure you stick to any all medical treatment plans recommended by your physicians.
  5. Watch Your Words: During and after your slip and fall, watch what you say to everyone. If a store representative reaches out to you refer them to your attorney, if you do not wish to get legal counsel than do not make any statements until your doctors have signed off on your treatment. If the incident is at your place of work, limit the communication you have with your co-workers. Most importantly watch what you post on any and all social media site.

While many slip and falls may be comical and do not result in any injures, there are many that do. If you or someone you know has been injured at work or at a place of business due to no fault of their own contact Lagomarsino Law at 702-383-2864 to discuss your case