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Home Sweet Home

If you live and drive anywhere in Las Vegas, you may have noticed a new home development or two around the city. The surge in new homes is astounding and great for the economy.

Purchasing a new home can be exciting and is still viewed as part of the great “American Dream”. But what if your dreams turn into a nightmare? Many of us still remember the great recession 7 years ago where the housing/financial market collapsed. Many lenders and financial institutions became greedy and America suffered. 2009 may seem like a distant memory but lenders can, and may continue, to behave badly. One homeowner had enough, so she sued and won.

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Walk This Way

Pedestrians walk past a "Look!" sign on the crosswalk at the intersection of 42nd St. and 2nd Ave. in New York, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012. Crossing the street in New York City is complicated: Even when it's one-way, you should look both ways, and stop texting for a few seconds. That’s what city transportation officials tell pedestrians who often miss getting hit in the chaotic every-which-way-including-loose mill of vehicles, bicycles, scooters and sometimes, carriage horses. They’re making their point visible with “LOOK!” signs stenciled at 110 of the most dangerous intersections in the city’s five boroughs. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
As a nation we are facing an epidemic, pedestrian fatalities. Every  day in America there is an accident involving a driver and a pedestrian, some of them resulting in a fatality. Walking, sitting at a bus stop, riding your bike, or even just standing in a public place puts you at risk for being involved in an accident.

According to the article below, this is a national problem:

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Slip and Fail?

kiMgng4ijSlip and falls happen more often than you think, and unlike the television show   “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, they are no laughing matter. Across America millions of people have been injured in slip and fall accidents, either at work or in a public place.  Below is a link to a case where a woman’s routine trip to Walgreens is now a $1 million dollar lawsuit against the chain of drug stores.

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Contaminated Drinking Water In Las Vegas?


Headlines like this may be scary and may seem unreal to us in Las Vegas, but for the people of Flint Michigan, this is their reality.

How did Flint end up with contaminated drinking water, and who is to blame? Different parties and departments are blaming each other at this point and now there is an official FBI investigation.

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Worst Family Member Ever?

We live in a litigious nation where people can sue one another for just about anything. While the ability to file a lawsuit when we feel that we have been wronged is one of our greatest freedoms as a United States citizen, we must be aware that every action has a consequence. Below is a story of an aunt that sued her nephew for greeting her too aggressively.

Connecticut Woman Forced to Sue Nephew Over Medical Bills Vilified on Social Media

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Inappropriate Behavior In The Workplace

Our law firm is often asked to advise employers and employees as to what constitutes “appropriate” and “inappropriate” behavior in the workplace. It all comes down to risk. Will a certain behavior or type of comment expose the employer to the risk of being sued? That is the question.

We advise our employer clients to reduce their risk as much as possible. With that in mind, there are certain guidelines that are recognized in industry (and in court) when it comes down to what can be potentially referred to as “inappropriate” behavior.

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3 Lawsuits That May Leave You Shaking Your Head

We hear it all the time, people suing celebrities, big corporations and otheth-2r people for what seems to be the most trivial of things and situations.  One of the many things that makes America such a wonderful place to live is the freedom to sue people and companies for financial compensation when we feel they have wronged us. Unfortunately, this freedom opens the door for frivolous lawsuits that bog down the legal system. There are many many frivolous lawsuits that have been filed over the years but here are 3 that seem to take “the cake”.

  1. Napkins Caused Me Distress: Webster Lucas walked into California McDonalds and ordered a Quarter Pounder Deluxe. Mr. Lucas proceeded to ask the manager for extra napkins with his hamburger, the manager allegedly denied Mr. Lucas stating “one was enough”. Mr. Lucas also alleges that after the manger refused, the manager stated that Mr. Lucas should have gone somewhere else. Mr. Lucas also claims the manager proceeded to make a racial slander after refusing to provide the additional napkins stating to another co-worker “these people”. Mr. Lucas claims that not getting extra napkins has caused him emotional distress therefore filing a lawsuit against McDonalds.
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Social Media, Helpful or Hurtful? 

Most  Americans LOVE their social media. Chatting, tweeting , and posting has become apart of our everyday lives. We are all aware that whatever we post, tweet and chat about stays forever in the internet. Our words, pictures and videos are a permanent imprints that can be found and used to help or hurt us at any given time. Social media is like a delicate ball, you can play with it and have a great time but given the right circumstances/situation your delicate ball can shatter. Your post about you being charitable, or your cute kids at their school recital can attract good and positive feedback. What about a picture of you shooting, horseback riding, fishing and other activities with friends? See how posting pictures of these harmless activities can have serious consequences.

Below is an excerpt from a Nevada Justice Episode 10:

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The Supreme Court of Nevada recently considered whether a husband who is separated from his wife may be charged with burglary of the marital home. In State v. White, the defendant and his wife had agreed to separate, and agreed that the wife would live in the marital home with the children during the week, and the defendant would live there with the children on the weekends. When one spouse was living in the home during his or her designated time, the other spouse would go elsewhere. The defendant retained a key to the residence.

The defendant learned that the wife had permitted her new boyfriend to move into the residence with her during the week, and began harassing her about it. On a Friday, the defendant arrived at the marital home earlier than usual, entered the house with his key, and asked to speak with the wife. Although she initially told the defendant that he was not supposed to be at the residence at that time, the wife finally agreed to speak with the defendant in a bedroom, while the boyfriend tended to one of the children in another bedroom. An argument between the wife and the defendant resulted in the defendant shooting the wife in the stomach, and then shooting the boyfriend in the arm and in the abdomen. The gunshot wound eventually killed the wife.
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On May 30, 2014, the Nevada Supreme Court issued its 4-3 opinion in Jacobs v. Adelson, et al., relative to the viability of a defamation action based upon a litigant’s statements to the media.

In Jacobs, a former executive of Las Vegas Sands Corporation (LVSC) had sued the company for wrongful termination. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleged, among other things, that the CEO of LVSC had demanded that the plaintiff engage in illegal activities, and that the plaintiff’s refusal to participate in such acts led to his eventual termination from the company.
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